Hi! We are Lindsey and Ashley, Head Camp Counselors and co-founders of Top Dog Day Camp.

We have been caring for and training dogs since we could hold a leash. Our mom, Betsy Scapicchio, is the founder and owner of Top Dog Obedience School, the place where we grew up training dogs. Growing up we traveled on the weekends to dog shows with our mom and spent summer days working and training dogs at Top Dog. While it has been a dream of ours to work with dogs everyday, it was a need that we both had that brought us to start Top Dog Day Camp. Keep reading for the story of how it all began…

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After graduating college in 2011 my path led me to the corporate world, starting a career in the software industry. It wasn’t until I got married and moved into my own house in 2017 that I really started to think about my dream of opening a doggie day care. I would get up for work and while I stood in the kitchen and packed my things for the day Kai would quietly, without me even noticing, go sit in her dog bed waiting for me to say goodbye and leave. Everyday I left for work thinking about how bored she must be waiting for me to get home so she could run around and play. Then in 2018 my husband and I rescued an older dog, Bijou, who needed a little more attention. After researching I found that there was not a place near by that focused on doggie day care where I could bring Kai and Bijou to play and relax during the day. And that was when the idea of Top Dog Day Camp became more than just an idea and dream.

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When my sister, Lindsey, approached me with her idea of opening up a Doggie Day Care I had just recently graduated college and started my teaching career. She told me about her feelings on leaving her dogs, Kai & Bijou, home alone. I was only about six months into my first teaching position and was experiencing a very similar dilemma. Everyday, I would leave my house early in the morning and not return home until later in the evening. At home waiting for me was my aging dog, Kodak. At thirteen years old, Kodak needed extra attention during the day while I was at work. This was when my sister and I realized we could not be the only pet parents who felt this way.